Subway Disruptions Continue – All in the Name of Progress

What is up with the #%¿@!&* subway?

Well, it seems Roosevelt Island has been caught, is caught, and will be caught for a while in New York City’s leap into a transportation future envisioned at the beginning of the last century.  That’s right, the first mention of a Second Avenue subway happened back in 1919.

Editorial: Choices – Civility, Collegiality, Controversy, Contention

It is difficult to shed the temptation to comment on the proceedings before the Common Council of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association – a bill of particulars lodged against a member, charges, a defense coming (and previewed in this issue, starting on page 1), and a decision.  It is a process that will play out to some decision – one that we will observe in its fullness before considering a pronouncement on the specifics.

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