Editorial: The Cornell Era

While the Cornell NYC Tech campus will not be busy with anything but construction activity for the next two years, Roosevelt Island’s Cornell Era really begins now.  There will be groundbreakings and ribbon-cuttings that City and university people will describe as great beginnings, but, for those of us who have had Roosevelt Island mostly to ourselves, there’s no question that something big and important, futuristic and forward-oriented, is on the doorstep.

The RIOC Column

2013 has been a year of many changes, both on the Island and at RIOC. Since my appointment in April, I have gotten to know many of you. I look forward to continuing to work together toward accomplishing even more in the New Year.

The Cornell Column

I hope everyone is having a terrific holiday season. At Cornell Tech, we have had an enormous amount to celebrate in 2013, including launching the first of our innovative academic programs, engaging more deeply with the community, and hiring terrific faculty and staff.

The RIRA Column

As I walk down Main Street, I’m reminded of the wonderful feeling of community that we enjoy on our Island at this time of year.

island observer

The incredible outpouring of emotion upon the passing of Nelson Mandela has flowed from every nation and people on the planet. It is a grief tempered by jubilation and wonderment at the life of this great and humble man. He touched millions.

(Telephone) Trouble In River City

Written by Peter Merner.

It seems that not everyone on the Island is up to date on what actually occurred during the recent widespread telecommunications outage here.  So, here are the facts, according to Verizon spokesman John Bonomo.

The outage occurred on November 7 as a result of Verizon cables being cut by a Hudson/Related contractor working on the property east of the existing Riverwalk buildings.

Both copper lines and FIOS cables were cut, affecting both business and residential customers.  Service was restored gradually, with virtually all customers back in service by November 12.

Bonomo volunteered that both business and residential customers could ask for a rebate of service charges by calling 800-837-4966. Verizon, through its spokesperson, says it is not responsible for business losses attributable to the  outage, so it would seem that businesses suffering such losses are going to have a hard time getting reimbursed for them.

A spokesperson for Hudson/Related provided further input relating to how the cables were cut.  It seems that the subcontractor, Monadnock, and Related requested the usual utility identification inputs from both TimeWarner and Verizon, but the inputs received did not include the lines that were cut.  Specifically, it was noted that “Monadnock and Hudson/Related complied with all requirements for utility identification prior to the start of the sewer work, and neither is responsible for the repairs to those unmarked lines, nor the business/personal interruption incurred by the users.”

In a Season of Change, the Island Gets New Clergy - Kevin Malick

Written by Jim Baehler.

The newly appointed Catholic priest on Roosevelt Island, Fr. Kevin Malick, is unusual in a number of ways. First, he is six feet, seven inches tall and never played basketball. Second, his ethnic background is Ukrainian (with some Irish) rather than Italian or all-Irish. Third, he does not claim a call from God that led him to the priesthood. Fourth, even at the young age of 34, he has been told by a bishop not to give any more interviews to the press. (More on that later). Fifth, he came to the priesthood from a concerted study of philosophy, which he maintains to this day.

Art Review

In a brightly optimistic show that opened last weekend, artists from the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association (RIVAA) present a peek into 2014 with a nod to the past. The gallery is located on the street level at 527 Main Street.

If the artists’ message is correct, the future is not only worth looking forward to, but also increasingly abstract.

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