Parents Net Passes 300 Families

Written by Briana Warsing.

Island parents wanting recommendations on the best books for toddlers, tips on potty-training, or even which sunscreen is best for babies, agree that the Roosevelt Island Parents’ Network (RIPN), which recently passed 300 member families, is an indispensable Island resource.

Early RIRA President Recalls Battles for State Recognition

Written by Briana Warsing.

If you ride the Tram, you should thank John Sheehan.

While president of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) for one term in 1980-81, he led two fights to save the Tram.  Now, this Island pioneer and his wife, Marge, enjoy a (somewhat warmer) Hawaiian winter while recounting those days via FaceTime.

RI Author Recalls Sister and Famous Actor Husband

Written by Jim Baehler.

“If you can get through it, it will make you stronger.”  The it Joyce Keating refers to is personal tragedy, of which she has had an abundance.  Joyce, a long-time Island resident, tells her tale in Denholm’s Wife, the book she published about the marriage between her sister, Susan, and Denholm Elliott, the noted British actor.

The Cornell Column

Many thanks to everyone who braved this crazy winter weather to join us at the Cornell Tech town hall meeting earlier this month. Despite the slush and bitter cold, more than 125 Islanders came out to hear the latest progress on campus construction and to take part in a great discussion.

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