• A Public Safety Officer managed to reunite a confused 90-year-old inadvertent Island visitor with her son last week. The RIOC Column has the story.
  • The 2015 Roosevelt Island Calendar is off the press and ready for delivery, featuring Islanders’ photos of the Island.
  • Soccer has taken off among the Island’s kids. Adib Mansour has a full report in this issue.
  • The deadline looms (all deadlines loom) for decisions to run for election to the Common Council of the Residents Association. See The RIRA Column.
  • The Hands-Only CPR campaign has now trained over 250 Islanders in the lifesaving technique, and it’s seeking translator volunteers to put its fact-sheet into other languages. Contact Lynne Shinozaki via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The RIOC Column

Before addressing Fall for Arts and other upcoming Island projects, I would like to commend our Public Safety officers for a job well done.

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