To the Editor:

As a former Island resident, member of Good Shepherd [Protestant] Church (not Cabrini Parish) and board member of Good Shepherd, I feel compelled to respond to the requirement for Cabrini to pay rent in advance.

When the issue of rent first came up, Good Shepherd [Protestant parish] dutifully paid every month. However, Father Peter Miqueli was adamant that the Catholic Church was above the law, and he refused to pay. This was for at least a few years.

Because we have moved from the Island, I am not privy to what may have occurred in the past two years. Cabrini has not always paid rent as Good Shepherd has, and people need to be made aware of this.

Deborah Crabtree


To the Editor:

The lovely February 13 Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance (MST&DA) Gala was both pleasurable and hopeful.

Pleasurable because of the careful event planning, attentive program execution, and great evident joy of the participants.

Hopeful because it was a replay of the excitement and commitment and partnering of Roosevelt Island 35 years ago, when the first adventurers did their very best to make this the caring community of neighbors originally intended – and that it had become before real estate became king.

Is it possible that the Gala spirit of the MST&DA might signal a reclaiming of the Island for the residents and their community needs?

David J. Bauer

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