To the Editor:

The last three or so publications of The WIRE evoked a range of emotions. I was touched by the warm personality of Autumn Ashley, who makes the Sweet Shop sweeter and whom I subsequently noticed was added to the WIRE staff.

Further, there was a love story revealed by a lady I consider wonderful. She fell in love with an Island artist and, much like herself, an advocate for the folks on this sliver of land. That story, as it progressed, brought forth an I-am-happy-for-you tear. However, before ending, it summoned a bit of sadness before a smile returned thinking about the longevity of the art he and they created, some of which is on display at the Island Art Gallery.

There was also a paid advertisement by a kind gentleman who mentioned concern about racial discrimination in a workplace here on our small Island. If true, this is not good and something each of us should work to overcome.

Perhaps the writings about charges for rents to certain organizations were among the most troubling. Yet, the concerns were mitigated by the fine work of one of our resident elected RIOC Board members. She received well-deserved kudos for her efforts in working cooperatively with an agreeable RIOC President and staff.

And then, there is the shocking ruling by the State Authorities Budget Office that, as of this writing, has pretty much shut down the granting of Public Purpose Funds to qualified and deserving 501c(3) organizations located in our community. RIOC was similarly surprised.

I bemoan the thought of our Island Youth Program being impacted, as well as our seniors, our disabled, and many others. Though we hope to gain the support of a broad coalition of good folks inclusive of politicians, Islanders, potential donors, and RIOC to the extent appropriate, it will be a daunting way forward.

Paraphrasing David Bauer, this Island is changing, we will have our ups and downs. Yet, we hope the net of all signals through our collaborative efforts will be an Island friendly to the needs and desires of its citizenry.

Dave Evans

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