GIRLS Soccer Team Gets Taste of Law

Members of the GIRLS soccer team visited the offices of the Legal Aid Society (LAS) in Queens two weeks ago. (GIRLS stands for “Great Inspirational Role Model’s Leadership through Soccer.) GIRLS soccer coach Quincy Auger is a lawyer who works for LAS.

“Our mission is to foster the team’s playing skills, but also to expand their minds to become effective leaders in our community and around the world,” says Charlie DeFino, head of the Youth Program. Adib Mansour, who is active in the program, said he is thrilled “to see how this team is improving not only their soccer skills, but, more importantly, their self-confidence and their rejuvenated outlook for a purposeful future.”

After being treated to lunch, the team visited the Queens Criminal Courthouse, met a judge, viewed an armed robbery trial, and visited a stenographer who explained her stenotype machine.

The GIRLS team players are aged 10 to 13. They’ll play their first game against another Beacon program on May 6. They are (in alphabetical order) Lina Bangaroo, Kristophina Iyaloo Jashoongo, Lynette M. Jeem, Gillian Katoanga, Anyah Lamb, Saryah Lamb, Kristen Leopold, Jaden Luna, Madison Luna, Haajar Mohammad, Kyla Pilgrim, and Tia Young.

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