CPR Team Marks 435 Trained

Life-Saving Procedure Set to Be School Mandate

Lynne Shinozaki reports that 435 Islanders have been trained in hands-only CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation). “Our goal is to train this Island!” she writes, along with Sharon Williams.

The first week in June is National CPR Week, and the Island group will mount training sessions outside the subway station and in Tramway Plaza on Friday, June 5, inviting homebound commuters to invest just five minutes in learning how to save a life. Similar training sessions will be offered before the outdoor movie nights scheduled on the Island this summer.

While all this has been happening on Roosevelt Island, a State-wide effort mounted by the New York State chapter of the American Heart Association has been pushing for mandatory training in schools, and the State Education Department has made a commitment to develop regulations setting CPR training as a high-school graduation requirement to be considered by the Board of Regents.

“CPR as a requirement of graduation will teach millions of students a year this life-saving skill,” Shinozaki says. “The rate of survival from a heart incident will go up exponentially in New York as these people use this knowledge.”

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