Editorial: Service

The great majority of us have "a time of it" muddling through daily life. When things go right, we take the leisure we feel we’ve earned.

But there is that amazing super-class of people who extend themselves into making the world – or the neighborhood – a better place.

You know who you are.

You are like Patrick Stewart.

You know why you do it.

As Patrick Stewart knew.

Just in his contributions to our community, you can count up 32 service years on his part (see page 1).

The WIRE didn’t always agree with Stewart, but he positioned us for some of our proudest moments. Present WIRE editorial management started at just about the time that Patrick became President of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association and set a goal of sending an incompetent RIOC president packing. We joined in, and his courage and determination gave steel to our efforts and our will.

Success and celebration followed, though the fight for the right of Roosevelt Islanders to have democratic control of our local level of government has not ended.

It was Patrick who famously asked Mayor Rudy Giuliani to take us back, evoking Giuliani’s response, “I’d love to help you liberate Roosevelt Island.”

He was a fighter, Patrick was, and the goal that he purused remains a community effort today.

Thank you, sir. Rest in peace.


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