The RIRA Column

From Saturday Night movies at Firefighters’ Field to Youth Baseball practice and pool parties, life on Roosevelt Island blooms fully into an idyllic picture of what summer should be in the middle of our sometimes crazy city.

If it bleeds... leads. As in local television news, of which it is said, by cynics and critics alike, that any news story in which there is blood – an accident, shooting, mayhem – gets the lead position in the newscast, because, supposedly, that’s what the greatest number of viewers are looking for.

Kallos Announces Explorers Program

The NYPD’s Law Enforcement Explorers Program is coming to Roosevelt Island. The program, for ages 14 to 20, will be introduced at a sign-up event on Wednesday (May 27) at 7:00 p.m. at the Good Shepherd Center.

Overheard: One 10-year-old to another, “But if you delete your Facebook, how will I invite you to my wedding? And my kids’ birthday parties?” Ladies and gentlemen, the future. Let’s combat it with culture.

Cornell Startups Get a Boost

According to a Cornell Tech press release, five startups have won funds from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation and the Forest City Ratner Companies, as well as office space in midtown.

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