Cornell Startups Get a Boost

If five student startup ideas getting funding and working space from Cornell NYC Tech work out, you could:

• Get rich using automated stock-trading decisions

• Have greater peace of mind when your child is on a school field trip

• Keep track of your dog’s mood when s/he is kenneled

• Eat healthier

• Connect with other runners in your neighborhood

Each of those ideas has won funds from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation and the Forest City Ratner Companies, as well as office space in midtown. They’re an expression of the entrepreneurship aspect of Cornell Tech, coming out of the school’s final-semester Startup Studio.

According to a Cornell Tech press release, the five startups get $40,000 in funding and a year of working space. It’s intended to be a break for young entrepreneurs who don’t have the deep pockets needed to move from the idea stage to the possibility of profit.

“The Startup Awards are a transformative opportunity to level the playing field and remove considerable barriers to entry for some of the best startups coming out of Cornell Tech,” said Cornell Tech Dean Daniel Huttenlocher. “With more than 100 students on campus, Cornell Tech is already graduating tech talent and spinning off startups, and through this experience we’re able to identify and try to address gaps in the tech ecosystem.”

"Trigger" will put automated trading in the hands of ordinary investors.

"Mynd" is a wristband that keeps track of kids on field trips for their adult companions.

"Dogstar" is a dog-wearable that measures and records dogs’ happiness and stress levels, and transmits data back to their traveling owners.

"Epicure" will analyze shopping receipts to make healthy food-buying easy.

"Pace" will help runners connect with other athletes in their neighborhoods.

David Tisch, head of the Startup Studio, said, “The hardest part [of a startup] is getting the first yes from an investor. [This] gives some high-potential teams a chance. It’s up to them to build the company [from this start]. I am excited to see where they all are at three to six months from now.”

The Startup Awards come from a $200,000 Innovation Grant from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation and office space donated by Forest City Ratner, which has the contract to build a state-of-the-art corporate co-location building on Cornell’s Roosevelt Island campus.

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