If it bleeds...

And, any day of the week, if you compare The New York Times with the somewhat desperate (and now for-sale) Daily News, you’ll find that’s also true of the down-market newspaper. Supposedly, mayhem is exactly what Daily News readers want, and stories with blood therefore get precedence over farther-reaching news stories that are much more likely to mean something in the future.

About three weeks ago, there was a shot fired here. According to reliable reports, the single round caught two of the three individuals involved in an illicit transaction. The informed speculation is that a pair of Roosevelt Island misfits lured a drug dealer to the Island with the intention of robbing him at gunpoint. The plan did not fare well, so the deductions go, and ended with blood flowing.

No one was affected except the three presumed ne’er-do-wells. For that reason, among others, the story didn’t make The WIRE cut in the process of deploying limited resources. “Shots fired” can be important if there is a genuine threat to the innocent, but it was the nature of this intended crime that it occurred where it was highly unlikely to affect anyone else. In any case, spilled blood and celebrity lives are not the stock-in-trade of The Main Street WIRE, unless something about the matter rises to a more important level of genuine community importance or long-term significance. With any luck, the trio of perps will do time and be removed, at least for a while, from any place where they might do harm to others.

On the other hand, perhaps the incident deserved a few lines, just so readers would be able to separate fact from rumor, and now we’ve handled that.



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