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As you stand on a sweltering subway platform, preparing to start yet another day looking as if you just finished a marathon, it’s hard to imagine a time when you’ll miss the sun… but there’s no need to pack the family up for a year-long expedition to a Pole, as September is just around the corner. Here are a few activities to get you through to pumpkin spice latte season.

Beach Bash

The Brighton Beach Jubilee serves as the only fundraiser for the Brighton Neighborhood Association, but it’s not a bunch of people begging with buckets; instead, the multi-block festival “is dedicated to bridging the communication gap through the international language of music.” Basically, it’s a huge street fair, with multiple stages and blocks of vendors, food, and kiddie rides. If you get bored, there’s always the beach!

F downtown to Neptune Avenue and walk east on Neptune Ave; fair runs between Ocean Avenue and Corbin Place. Sun Aug 30. Free.

Art Mart

Twice a year, artists and craft artisans from the world over display their wares around Washington Square Park. Prizes are awarded to the most skilled vendors, but it’s really just a place for people to stare at apartment decorations they don’t understand and/or can’t afford. It’s definitely a place to spot the next weird fad – any groups of street vendors who insist they are participating in a “sidewalk show, not a street fair” have to be a little bit batty, right?

F downtown to West 4th Street/Washington Square and walk east to Washington Square Park; show is set up along Washington Square East/University Place from 3rd-13th Streets. Sep 5-7, 12, 13. Free.

Greek Speak

Off-Broadway theatre Classic Stage Company – with past performers including Peter Dinklage, Mamie Gummer, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hamish Linklater, and Peter Sarsgaard – kicks off each season with a celebration of the Greek classics. The month-long festival includes readings, seminars, and multiple productions; this year’s lineup includes Iphigenia in Aulis, The Fragments, and Oresteia, the only surviving trilogy of Ancient Greek tragedies.

F downtown to 14th St and walk southeast to 136 East 13th Street. Now through Sep 27; showtimes vary. Seminars are free; show tickets $31.

Fun Run

Did you spend the summer saying it was “too hot” to run? Step in to no-excuses September with the Brooklyn Road Runners, a group that runs Prospect Park four times a week. The group sticks together for the first two miles before splitting off by training level, so both fun runners and racers are welcome. The membership fee is a mere $25, but they seem like cool people, so shoot them an email and see if they’ll let you try a session or two for free before you commit to one of their bi-annual 5Ks.

F downtown to 7th Ave and walk east to the park entrance at 9th Street/Prospect Park West (Tue & Thu) or downtown to 15th St/Prospect Park and stay at the park entrance at 15th St/Prospect Park West. Ongoing; Tue/Thur at 6:45pm and Sat/Sun at 9am. Runs are free for members ($25).

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