Editorial: Bikes, Helix, and Safety

Bikes and the Helix

The RIRA Public Safety Committee’s proposed resolution to ban bike, scooter, and wheelchair access from the helix has garnered a strong response from all corners of the Island.

Am I the only person who thinks that is great news? I’m not referring to the actual resolution; you can read about that in the many letters we received, in the article on page 1, and on MainStreetWIRE.com. What I am happy about is that so many Islanders are talking about it. They have strong opinions, pro and con, all about the same issue. This issue has cut across Island demographics in a way that the Tram elevators being shut down hasn’t.

At the intersection of self-interest and common interest lies community involvement. Because we live in such a small place – and therefore you may know your neighbors a little better than you’d like to at times – we all have the ability to put our personal stamp on this community and help tailor it to our collective needs.

Come to the public session at the beginning of the Common Council meeting on September 9 (8:00 p.m., Good Shepherd Center), and add your voice to the conversation.



38 Years... and Counting

Is it possible that RIOC still has not managed to put signage at the Tram station on the Island directing visitors to our parks and commercial areas? Sure, the job was turned over to Hudson/Related, but given H/R’s foot-dragging, why not just print something out and post it? It doesn’t have to be fancy. It just has to be.



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