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I am a terrible public speaker, so it’s probably a good thing that I had laryngitis for The WIRE recruitment session on Monday. That being said, I do have thoughts to share.

I’m one of the newest members of the WIRE team to stick. As Matt Katz, Ellen Levy, and Linda Heimer all explained, like Dick Lutz, they’ve all been with The WIRE between 15 and 20 years.

The WIRE itself is 36 years old and I am 39 years old, so I can’t boast about how I’ve been here since the beginning.

What I can boast about is that I met Dick for lunch at Trellis three years ago with a list of ideas for a Roosevelt Island Parents’ column. He didn’t go for that, but he did give me the green light to write an article on one of the topics on my list. Since then, I haven’t missed an issue.

As a stay-at-home parent of three young children (three under three at the time of my first meeting with Dick), writing for The WIRE gave me a desperately needed outlet. It gave my life structure that only someone for whom a Monday is no different than a Saturday, and day and night are interchangeable because you’re always on duty, can relate to. When you’re a stay-at-home parent, not only do you work from home, your home is your work. It was nice for me to have something else to think about beyond my home-life, and other issues to focus on. And I know breaking routine and trying something different is also relatable to those of you who are not stay-at-home parents.

Writing got me buzzing. At first, I pitched story ideas that I found interesting, subjects that I wanted to learn more about. I wrote about Island fishing, running, and hosting running races on the Island; I wrote about the history of our subway line and our frequent weekend service interruptions.

Eventually, Dick started assigning me profiles and meetings to cover. Soon, I was volunteering to go to those meetings and suggesting profiles because I became invested. Once you’re invested, you no longer care about how many hours you spend per week. Once you’re invested, you make the time.

Come on and join us! You’d be surprised how quickly you become invested, too.


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