Our family discovered Roosevelt Island five years ago and we have been returning to it annually. We are totally in love with the serenity of your Island. Last week we experienced its kindness and integrity.

Our daughter Nikki had lost her wallet prior to returning to India. Someone, presumably a resident, found it and mailed it anonymously to the Public Safety Department intact with all its contents. Lt. Coleman noticed an expired NYU ID, and located Nikki, who asked the Lt.to hand it to me.

I visited PSD and was impressed not just with the efficiency but also with the warmth and courtesy with which Lt. Coleman and Chief McManus received me. We would like to thank them and the residents of your beautiful Island, including the anonymous samaritan. Of course we will return, again and again.

Firuza & Rajesh Parikh

Mumbai, India


To the Editor:

Anita, Again!

Hey everybody – if you haven’t had the good fortune of seeing Anita Michael’s fabulously clever, entertaining, engrossing show I never know When to say When, you’re in luck! Back by popular demand on Sunday, November 22, 2:30 pm at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, 407 W. 42nd Street. (212-352-3101 or lauriebeechmantheatre.com)

Marilyn Atkins


To the Editor:

I don’t know Sylvan Klein or the motivation for wanting an “upbeat identifier” for our Main Street (The WIRE, October 24). As a Roosevelt Island pioneer, community activist, and visual artist, however, I can share a little of our Island history for Klein to think about.

• Every borough has a Main Street. Residents of The Little Apple, in the shadow of The Big Apple, have always been proud that this makes us special in Manhattan. Aren’t you proud?

• In the 1970s, the U.S. Postal Service was sending our properly addressed mail to Roosevelt, Long Island. Now that this process works correctly, how long do you think it would take for them to make another Island-wide change?

• Roosevelt Island in Washington, DC, is approximately 90 acres. Do you think a street change would send our mail there?

My suggestion to Klein: Leave Main Street alone and find another rattle to shake. As FDR Four Freedoms Park is a NYS run facility, why not just join them in assisting with a January 7 event?

Essie D. Owens


To the Editor,

The PS/IS 217 Halloween Carnival last week was a success, raising over $6,000 for enrichment programs and bringing our community together on our playground for an afternoon of fun. None of this would have been possible without the outpouring of support from Islanders and Island businesses.

Our Island firefighters cooked and served delicious warm food. Amalgamated Bank sponsored a Construction Kids building booth. Oxygen Eventworks provided a sound system to keep everyone dancing. Saturday’s Green Market vendor Israel, from Wengerd’s Farm, donated 250 pumpkins and 12 hay bales. Gristedes Supermarket, and manager Louis Torres, donated baked goods and let us store supplies in their facility. Our local Starbucks made sure there was hot chocolate and coffee. Our middle school students helped by running food, games, and crafts booths. And our families, faculty, and staff donated materials and time to ensure a successful event. We know the Senior Center would have loved to help us if the Carnival had been indoors, but we are looking forward to partnering with them at our future events.

The PTA is so thankful for our community and their support. It is great to be a part of such a wonderful community as ours!

Anna Ivanova

Carnival Committee Chair

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