Library Starts New Chapter

Last week, representatives from the New York Public Library (NYPL) presented the plans for our new branch, revealing a space that more than doubles the Island’s current library in both square footage and resources.

RIOC’s Renovations Displace Meetings

A dust-up between RIOC (Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation) and several of the Island’s religious groups has occurred over work at the Good Shepherd Chapel that the groups claim has damaged their property and, without adequate notice, forced them to move services.

Kallos Honors Islanders

Roosevelt Island was front and center at City Council Member Ben ­Kallos’ 2016 State of the District event on January 10th. Kallos commended PS/IS 217 and Girl Scout troop leaders Janine Schaefer, and Aiesha Eleusizov, for winning his Council district’s 2015 Participatory Budget Vote.

RIVAA Rebounds with Creative Optimism

Midway through the opening reception for Vernissage XIV, Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association’s (RIVAA) season opener in March, 2015, RIVAA President, Tad Sudol, called a packed gathering of art lovers and artists together in a group.

“It’s no secret that we’ve been closed for the last six weeks,” he opened soberly.

But that was last year, and the occasion for Sudol’s remarks evolved to become the nadir from which RIVAA rebounded with vigor.

The RIRA Column

If our local weather forecasts are to be believed, you are either reading this warmly tucked at home with friends and family as Jack Frost finally comes back from vacation, blanketing our little ship on the East River with a thick cover of snow, or you are whiling the weekend away, relieved that New York has once again evaded Snowmageddon. Either way, we, on the Roosevelt Island Residents’ Association, hope that our Island neighbors, family, and friends have had a great start to the New Year. Here’s what’s been happening the last few weeks.

On Roosevelt Island We...

Is good citizenship a natural outgrowth of the education process for children or is it something that needs to be fostered and encouraged? Those who work with our children on Roosevelt Island refuse to risk that good citizenship will develop by itself, with no outside input. They make a strong effort to consciously develop good citizenship among our school-age children. 

Well, it seems winter decided to show up after all. In this case, we might say better never than late, but before you head back into hibernation, go out! Have some fun (and stock up on dumplings and hot cocoa.)!

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