To the Editor:

I’m fed up!

It’s not even funny how tired I am of having no parking available on this Island. All over the five boroughs you can find free parking within two to three blocks of your apartment, except here. The nearest free but never available parking is at Manhattan Park and beyond (and I am not sure if this is even true these days).

Why does RIOC park on the sidewalk next to Island House? They are not an emergency agency, and if a true emergency were to happen, they could ride with Public Safety (PSD). That area should be for PSD, in case of an emergency, and they should free that huge parking space [on Main St., currently used by PSD vehicles] for Island House tenants to load and unload their shopping or luggage or for more parking.

Also, on such a small island, why do we have so many disabled tag users when we see half of them are completely capable of walking from here to the garage (which has more disabled spots used by non-disabled people). On the streets they do not pay and can stay 24/7, taking half of the entire Island parking spaces.

The 45 minutes allowed on Main Street is just not enough time for someone to visit. Going to the subway to park for two hours is just as bad, since, depending on where you live, it may take 30 minutes to go and be back to the person you are visiting.

I don’t believe the [RIRA] survey will solve this problem.

I am trying to do a little remodeling on my apartment and the first thing people ask me about is where I live. Once I tell them, the next question is, “Are you paying for parking at the garage?” They don’t want to come here, it’s unproductive or very expensive for them.

I want to be clear, I am not against the police or the disabled; I just feel that RIOC could accommodate the police in a better spot and limit the amount of time disabled residents can take spots. I believe adding street cleaning hours would give us a better rotation since it would force disabled tag users to clear their spots more often.

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