Gas Main Update

The construction work on Main Street is on schedule to be completed in early 2017, according to Allan Drury, a Public Affairs Manager for Con Ed.

Con Ed is replacing our steel gas main with a new plastic main. Drury says, “We are performing work that will help ensure that our gas and electric service on Roosevelt Island remains safe and reliable for years to come.”

Specifically, the goal of the work is to bring high-pressure service to the Island. Drury explained that, “Our gas work on the Island will improve reliability, as we are replacing older infrastructure. It will reduce the amount of maintenance needed for our gas infrastructure on the Island. That means less excavating and disruption to traffic in the future. It will also increase the capacity of our system for future gas demand.”

Drury also explained that a plastic main means cleaner air because the new main will accommodate the oil-to-gas conversions taking place. In 2011, the city put in place a regulation that required large city buildings burning No. 6 fuel oil to get off of that fuel by 2015. The regulation also calls for those burning No. 4 fuel oil to switch by 2030. Natural gas burns cleaner than oil. For more information on this program Drury cites this on The City’s information on it is at:

Con Ed is working with RIOC in an effort to minimize inconvenience to residents and businesses. One of the examples of that Drury gave is the timing of the work. Another important goal of Con Ed’s is preservation of the Island’s character. Drury pointed to Con Ed’s purchase of a customized mold to ensure the Z-brick patterning on Main Street remains.

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