Editorial: Our Strong Talent Pool

There are some who believe that the creation of new Island organizations represent an existential threat to long-time institutions. In furtherance of this narrow vision, some among us seem more interested in pitting Islanders against each other than in opening opportunities for more and more of our neighbors to participate in our community and, thereby, become fully vested Islanders.

Last week it seemed like everyone was talking about the RIDDC Little League Program. Yes, Dan Sadlier is Pastor of Hope Church; he certainly isn’t trying to hide that, nor were we in writing about the new league. No, the Little League program, as well as the RIDDC, are not religious. No, the coaches aren’t getting paid. Anything else?

Look, loyalty to the Roosevelt Island Youth Program and the 40 years of service they’ve provided is cool. No one is mad at that. And whatever your reasons for supporting whichever Little League program, or social club, or yoga class, or, or, or, are fine with us. We’re not trying to tell you where to sign up your kids. But to spread rumors and spread negativity about new(er) Islanders trying to do something good for the community is not cool.

Having options makes us a stronger, healthier, more diverse, and more vibrant community. The Island is blessed with a surfeit of talented people, many of whom are looking for ways to get involved. We should applaud and support their efforts. Doing so does nothing to diminish the hard work of others who are long-time contributors to our civic culture and pride.

Let’s try to remember that all boats rise in the (East River) tide.


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