Editorial: Roosevelt Island Values

During the dedication ceremony, Island resident Christopher Platt, Vice President for Library Services at NYPL, remarked that our branch is one of the busiest per square foot in New York City, explaining “when we talk about it [the Roosevelt Island branch] qualifies as ‘over-utilized,’ which shows the incredible value the community places on reading, literacy, learning, and engaging with each other.”

With over 40 million annual visits citywide, Platt said more New Yorkers visit the libraries than all the sporting events and museums combined.

And still, our library use stands out, reflecting our values and our diverse demographics.

Our engaged community (and a lot of hard work from so many Islanders who give freely of their time, talent and passion) is what enabled us to win the remaining funding [and be awarded additional funding] for our community school’s green roof as part of Council Member Ben Kallos’ Participatory Budgeting program. This is the second year we have been a high vote-getter in our district, which also includes the Upper East Side.

Primary Results

The Island’s diverse demographics were also apparent in the results of Tuesday’s primary election. Secretary Hillary Clinton won Roosevelt Island for the Democrats, with Governor John Kasich leading the pack on the Republican side. According to The New York Times, Clinton won wealthy Manhattan neighborhoods, like the Upper East side, and a majority of black areas across the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

Senator Bernie Sanders was most popular among young gentrifiers in Bushwick and Greenpoint, and with white Democrats in middle-class strongholds like Staten Island and Breezy Point in Queens. Sanders also won Long Island City, our east side neighbors.

According to data reported by The Times, in addition to dominating Staten Island, Donald Trump was the leading vote-getter among the Republicans registered at 531 Main Street. As the old saying goes, “I don’t know how Trump won, I don’t know a single person who voted for him.”

Kasich was the Republican winner in every other Island building, according to The Times. BW

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