Tram Turns 40

Four generations stood at the foot of the Roosevelt Island Tram this past Tuesday afternoon, celebrating the tram's 40th anniversary. 

Comedy Show Scores

For Islanders unlucky enough to have missed the Roosevelt Island’s Only Comedy show on April 22, you have another chance on May 27 and every fourth Friday after that.

The Roosevelt Island Parents Network was blowing up May 11 with reports of dead squirrels on Southtown lawns. Later, parents sent in photos of the warning signs, alerting Islanders to pesticide spray, that caused all of those deaths.

The RIRA Column

Roosevelt Island Day, the annual Blood Drive, the survey and much more...

Letters - Signs

To the Editor:

Don’t get me started on the Good Shepherd Plaza! On second thought, let me get this off my chest. The photo-editorial in the last WIRE asks if RIOC has gone nuts on signs. The photos show recent signage in the plaza which emphatically state what one is not allowed to do in this area. The photo-editorial places blame for damage to benches on skateboarders. This conclusion isn’t totally accurate.

Letters - EMS

To the Editor:

We write this letter hoping that every resident becomes aware of the unfortunate and terrible truth of calling 911 from Roosevelt Island for emergency aid. As a result of poor training and incompetence, on March 15, my beloved friend paid the ultimate price – he died of a heart attack while waiting for EMS to arrive here.

Letters - Manhattan Park Pool

To the Editor:

We are a group of long-time Manhattan Park Pool members. One of us is a long-time Island resident who has been a member at the Manhattan Park pool since it was built, 27 years ago. Most of us have been members of the pool for as long as we’ve lived on the Island. For the first time ever, some of us may be unable to join.

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