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To the Editor:

We are a group of long-time Manhattan Park Pool members. One of us is a long-time Island resident who has been a member at the Manhattan Park pool since it was built, 27 years ago. Most of us have been members of the pool for as long as we’ve lived on the Island. For the first time ever, some of us may be unable to join.

Last summer, a full-season non-resident single membership was $450. This season they are charging $700 for that same membership. That is a 35% price increase! Unconscionable! For a family of four, the increase was 25%. Several member-friends have commented on the change in policy regarding weekday child caregivers who will now be charged extra.

Manhattan Park is punishing its loyal, summer- season members by charging us so much extra this season. Some of us will have no choice but to go elsewhere. We won’t be able to afford our yearly membership. 
We asked Brian Weisberg, from the management office there, about this, and whether he’d consider doing the fair thing – limiting this increase to off-Islanders, and reconsidering the enormous price hike for those of us who have always supported the Manhattan Park Pool and consider ourselves part of the Manhattan Park family every summer. 

Brian said that the decision is final. He said that he can authorize a price change but that he won’t. When asked who his supervisor was, he would not reveal a name or give a phone number and said he answers to the owner. When asked why he wouldn’t change the price he said, “I won’t comment on that.”

This is frustrating and unfair.

Former Members of the Manhattan Park Pool

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