Letters - Crosswalks

Posted in Volume 36, Issue 17 - June 11, 2016

To the Editor:

As you may recall from the recent RIRA meeting, pedestrians are finding the crosswalks more dangerous recently. Here are my thoughts.

Once upon a time, there were yellow markers planted in the crosswalks of Roosevelt Island, which served to remind drivers to be alert to pedestrians using the crosswalks.

In recent weeks, several yellow pedestrian markers apparently have disappeared from the crosswalks, and their absence may be contributing to a change in drivers’ behavior and regard for pedestrians.

Attached are photos taken on Saturday, June 4, just before 10:00 am, a very busy time when many residents visit the Farmer’s Market across from PS/IS 217.

Note there are only three yellow pedestrian markers in the crosswalks: at 455, at Trellis, and at Gristede’s.

According to a Public Safety officer directing traffic at the bottom of the helix, trucks knock the pedestrian markers over.

Perhaps they were removed by the Con Edison workers performing repairs.

In either case, RIOC and Public Safety officers should re-install the yellow pedestrian markers as soon as possible to the crosswalks to address the safety of pedestrians.

Please investigate the situation and report to the community.

Janet Falk

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