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To the Editor:

Full completion of the Cornell Tech project is scheduled for 2043 when I will be 93 years old. This is a privately owned project. Personally I, along with some audience members [see Cornell story, page 1], felt that there should be more of a commitment from Cornell to solve some of the current issues that plague us now, here on Roosevelt Island.

There are issues with 911 calls. A questioner stated that the 911 operators will ask for cross streets, yet here, there are none. She felt that Cornell Tech, with their expertise and resources, could come up with a solution.

I can identify with this issue. When my mother first went into the hospital, I had to give driving instructions to the operator to make sure the ambulance would come fast and not be delayed by going to Roosevelt Avenue. If there are going to be over a thousand students at Cornell Tech when it’s fully operational, there will be a great amount of traffic down Main Street.

A barge or ferry will not be enough. To safeguard our future, we need to have our own environmental study. What will be the impact of this campus on the environment? There were good questions from the audience, and concerns from parents, and fear from a new resident that our Island will become like Battery Park City.

I asked the stenographer if there was a way to get a copy of her transcript. She said she had to get permission from her supervisor. In other words, no, or she didn’t know.

Diane Braxton

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