WIRE Endorses Carolyn Maloney

Although our organizing principle as a community newspaper is to focus exclusively on Island issues, leaving broader national news coverage and analysis to others, there are occasions where national news impacts us all so deeply that we are compelled to comment.

Aurora. San Bernardino. Newtown. Orlando.

The list of mass shooting in America continues to grow, the death toll mounts, and we are all witnesses to the carnage. We are all damaged by our gun culture, desensitized to the horrors of gun violence, and overwhelmed by the feeling of helplessness to do anything about it. We shake our heads at the news, post our feelings on Facebook, and try to move on with our lives. But moving on is starting to feel like just moving toward the next avoidable tragedy… And the next… And the next.

Therefore The WIRE once again endorses Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney for Congress in Tuesday’s primary [Maloney, page 1]. In addition to everything she has achieved for the Island, Ms. Maloney has been a leader on the issue of gun violence and a consistent voice calling for sensible gun control laws throughout her career.

It is a small thing, this endorsement, and it will not stop the next mass shooting, or the next one after that. But to put an end to these senseless massacres once and for all, we must first collectively agree that enough is enough. We have to do something. BW

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