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Four Freedoms Spearheading Smallpox Hospital Stabilization

What’s the future for the Smallpox Hospital at Southpoint Park? With the help of consultants Fitzgerald & Halliday, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) is considering it for a local market, a cafe, or a museum. But the Four Freedoms Conservancy is focused on making sure it doesn’t crumble. The Conservancy has commissioned a structural review.

Senior Center Changes Generate Discontent

Every Wednesday, representatives of Senator José M. Serrano come to the Roosevelt Island Senior Center for office hours. Typically, their stay is uneventful. That wasn’t the case the first Wednesday in July when tens of seniors gathered in front of the Senior Center entrance to protest and voice concerns about the recent change in the center’s management. Eric Rivera, the Senator’s aid, managed the impromptu meeting respectfully and thoughtfully.

Envisioning a New Plan for Southpoint

Is there room for a performance venue in Southpoint Park? Should dogs be given a dedicated area to frolic off-leash in the park? How do we transform the Island’s southern public space from a thoroughfare to Four Freedoms Memorial Park into a destination in its own right – and should we even try?

The RIRA Column

Happy Summer! The “dog days of summer” are upon us, and the Common Council hopes that the summer season has been safe and healthy, full of outdoor fun, family, and memories.

Open spaces. Walls. Trees. These are all pretty much off-limits these days for children on Roosevelt Island.

Letters - PTA

Your recent feature on the PS/IS 217’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) took up a vast amount of space in the June 11 issue ().

Letters - Loud Music

I live across from Firefighters Field and have no problem with the movies. The sound volume is livable. The problem is the music played prior to the movie.

Letters - Patricia Stovall

It is with extreme sadness that the newly elected Executive Board of RISA (Roosevelt Island Senior Association) must bid our colleague and Treasurer, Patricia Stovall, farewell. We lost Patricia on Sunday, July 23.

Island Kids Summer Camp Turns Ten

Visitors to our Island cannot help but notice the number of strollers, carriages, buggies and other means of conveying the small children that fill our sidewalks. If nothing else, it is quickly apparent that Roosevelt Island is “family-oriented.” Beyond the visible proof of that impression rests a host of organizations that provide structured activities for children of all ages. Prominent among those organizations is Island Kids, with a wealth of activities for preschool children and after-school programs for older children.

curated by Sara Maher

At some point you just have to acknowledge the weather is terrible and get on with it anyway. These activities will make you get happy in the humidity, smile through the sweat, and beam while you burn.

Book Recalls Dinners With Ed Hussey

An extraordinary memoir, Dinner with Edward: A Story of an Unexpected Friendship, by New York Post investigative reporter Isabel Vincent, shares the life and wisdom of Edward Hussey, a remarkable man who lived on Roosevelt Island for more than 30 years.

Mary Camper-Titsingh

Longtime resident Mary Camper-Titsingh died on July 11, 2016, exactly three months shy of her 91st birthday. Born in the Netherlands, she became a U.S. citizen in 1954 after experiencing the difference in lifestyle on this side of the Atlantic.

Patricia Stovall

Patricia Stovall passed away on Sunday, July 24, 2016. Her parents, now deceased, were Annie Laurie Young and Yusuf Zarrieff, formerly John B. Young. She is survived by her elder sister, JoAn (Joy) Berquist; a niece, Laurie F. Engel, and her children, Sasha Agosta and Alithea Engel; nephew, Malcolm Burke, and his children, Avery Troupe, Deja Willingham, and Malcolm Burke, Jr. Her family and friends will forever cherish her spirit in life and her memory with her passing.

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