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To the Editor,

The 911 Emergency meeting hosted by Ben Kallos, our City Council member, was informative as well as disappointing. There were representatives from those who operate the 911 system, the New York City Police Department (NYPD), the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

We were reminded that 911 is a system and not a signal. We were advised to use a landline when possible for the best emergency response, although the presenters acknowledged that 70% of 911 calls are made through cell phones.

I came to the meeting expecting to hear that everything was a “go” with the input of your building number. It turns out that right now, the 911 operators are being trained. Even after training, the 911 operator will still need to ask for cross streets. However, if your emergency call is from Cornell Tech, you will not need to provide cross streets, and will just be able to say Cornell Tech. How unfair. The city techs are not able to map out a path that will bypass the question of asking for cross streets. Somehow Cornell Tech was able to do this for their location here on Roosevelt Island.

Diane Braxton

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