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To the Editor,

Your recent feature on the PS/IS 217’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) took up a vast amount of space in the June 11 issue ().

Your piece brought the words of past and current presidents regarding the mechanisms through which the PTA seeks to function as an organization that sails the organizational waters of a much larger landscape. It emphasized, in somewhat stern tones, the fact that this is a body that is accountable to the federal government, but it failed to point out the work that is done to, or the procedures that are in place to, ensure that people understand precisely that.

This is important, in my view, for only then can we claim that every committed individual has a chance in doing the work that he or she might want to do as a service to his or her community. The article could have shed better light as to how the organization engages with the demands of the community, and sees itself as an active agent in absorbing those demands and desires, and translating them into democratic organizational goals.

Erka Kosta

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