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To The Editor:

It is with extreme sadness that the newly elected Executive Board of RISA (Roosevelt Island Senior Association) must bid our colleague and Treasurer, Patricia Stovall, farewell. We lost Patricia on Sunday, July 23. A memorial service was held at The Unity Church on Sunday, July 31 where she had served as Treasurer on their board of directors. Patricia had been an Adjunct Professor at Lehman College, teaching about domestic violence and counseling the elderly, as well as an Executive Director for over 15 years for the city of New York, providing services to victims of domestic violence.

During Patricia’s illness we got to know her sister, JoAn Berquist, albeit briefly. Anyone wishing to communicate with JoAn should contact Barbara Parker at .

Though Donna Chenkin and I had an ongoing friendship with Patricia, Sherie Helstien had only recently, during our RISA election campaign, gotten to know Patricia. We all looked forward to working with her because she was a positive force and very much aware of her responsibilities and anxious to carry them out. Because Patricia was more ill than we were aware and couldn’t attend our regular and frequent meetings, we made sure to include her in our numerous emails to keep her abreast of our activities and plans.

Patricia was a kind, soft-spoken person. We will truly miss her.

With our loss of Patricia Stovall, RISA wants the Roosevelt Island community to know that we are in the process of looking for someone who might be interested in becoming our organization’s Treasurer. Please send an email with your interest to Barbara Parker at .

With love to Patricia’s family –

Barbara Parker, RISA President with

Donna Chenkin, RISA Vice President

Sherie Helstien, RISA Secretary

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