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Posted in Volume 37, Issue 1 - September 10, 2016

The following letter was sent to Duane Reade Manager Edward Huie on May 27. After 14 weeks, in a telephone message received September 7, he said, “I have not made any progress at this time. I am still working on it and will continue to update you, but we are unable to provide delivery service at this time.” If you would like delivery services from Duane Reade, contact Huie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


To Duane Reade:

I am writing out of frustration that the Duane Reade pharmacy on Roosevelt Island, for which you are the District Manager, does not offer delivery services to customers.

I have never lived in a town where the local pharmacy did not deliver. The same is true of Roosevelt Island. Gristedes Pharmacy does deliver and I know of several residents who use them, instead of Duane Reade, for that very reason.

Delivery is a very helpful and appreciated service, especially when you are ill and in need of medication. Who wants to get dressed and walk blocks, perhaps in inclement weather, when you have fever, are in pain, or have some other ailment? You are obviously close for people in Southtown, but there are many in Northtown (blocks away) for whom picking up medication is difficult because they are seniors, disabled, or compromised in some way. In my building alone (Rivercross), 83% of residents are seniors (I am one of them). In Roosevelt Landings (building 546) many, if not most, of the residents are seniors or disabled. All Northtown buildings have large senior populations.

Perhaps you are not aware of how much business you are losing because you don’t offer delivery services. If you offered them, I think you would see an increase in pharmacy customers. Why not try it and see? It certainly would be good for public relations, if for no other reason.

I am on the editorial staff of The Main Street WIRE, the Island’s community newspaper. I hope I will be able to print your reply to this email by announcing that the Roosevelt Island Duane Reade will be offering delivery services in the very near future.

Thank you, in advance, for your attention to this matter.



Linda Heimer

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