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Written by Reader. Posted in Volume 37, Issue 3 - October 8, 2016

To the Editor:

On a recent fall day, we were enjoying breakfast outdoors at the Riverwalk Cafe. Talk turned to Donald Trump: what’s wrong with Trump; why to fear Trump; and, finally, voices rising, how could United States Senator John McCain, ­­so brazenly insulted by Trump, ­­announce that he would vote for him? At the next table, a man and woman glanced our way. Deftly, a driver’s license was slipped onto our table along with a friendly introduction, “You never know who you’re sitting next to.”

The man was Doug McCain, the son of Senator McCain’s first wife, and the senator’s adopted son. An airline pilot, Doug McCain and a colleague were visiting the Island for the first time, and lingered long enough to charm this noisy band of Democrats. Just another Roosevelt Island day!

Judy Buck

Joyce Bratich­ Cherif

Phyllis Burdoe

Vicki Feinmel

Ellen Levy

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