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Written by Sharon Williams. Posted in Volume 37, Issue 3 - October 8, 2016

To the Editor:

I joined the RIRA Common Council in November 2014 after someone simply invited me to join. I really had not thought about it before then, but I have always enjoyed helping others, being involved in community events, and meeting new people. This seemed like an opportunity I would enjoy.

I joined the Social, Cultural & Educational (SC&E) Committee, and then became the chairperson of the Hands-Only CPR Sub-Committee in January 2015. I have a background in nursing and social work, so this also seemed like something I would enjoy doing. Over 390 Roosevelt Islanders received training in 2014. We’ve also had training events at the Tram and Subway, the summer movies in 2015, and on Roosevelt Island Day. We trained 216 people on Roosevelt Island Day 2016, bringing our total to 1,038 Islanders trained in Hands-Only CPR. Surpassing 1,000 was so thrilling for us! We are pleased to begin training in infant CPR and choking relief this fall.

I have also really enjoyed volunteering at the Egg Hunt and the Cherry Blossom Festival, both events organized by the SC&E Committee.

Being a member of the RIRA Common Council has been such a fun way to serve this community and make many new friends. So now I’m inviting you to join! I hope you’ll consider serving with us.

Sharon Williams
Southtown RIRA Representative,
Elections Committee Co-Chair

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