Obituary - Carol Rubino

After 33 years as a RIOC  employee, Carol Rubino has left the grounds.

A poem by her friends.

I know you called, hoping I was home.
Instead you got that same silly tone.
And you left your name at the sound of the peep.
I didn’t answer.  
I slipped away gently in my sleep.

From here I’m dancing with the stars.
The planet’s got talent.
The Housewives of Atlanta have nothing on the ones from Mars.
There’s a casino on the moon Serving wine and cheese.
With a ‘No Smoking’ sign, if you please.

So, my friends, don’t worry about your home going away
Just ask for Carol Rubino
I’ve already paved the way.
I’ve cleared the roads, trimmed every tree.
Checked the Z-bricks, and yes, parking is free.

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