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Written by Contributor. Posted in Volume 37, Issue 5 - November 5, 2016

On November 8, all Roosevelt Island residents over age 18, whether a U.S. citizen or not, get to vote on resident leadership for the next two years. Voting takes place at P.S. 217 and (for Octagon residents) at The Octagon, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Shirley A. Coley
My background is Black American (not African American), and I have been living on Roosevelt Island for the last 26 years. I will turn 76 years old on November 20. I was asked to run for RIRA Common Council four years ago, which I did, and I became a member of RIRA Common Council. I didn’t know what was expected from me as Common Council and I am still not very clear what is expected of me. However, I did learn I must vote on important matters that come up in the meetings. My main interest in running for RIRA Common Council is to know a little about what’s happening in our neighborhood and what can I do to help make a better Roosevelt Island.

Linda Hall

Linda Hall
A resident of Roosevelt Island for over 20 years, I am proud to say that I have served on the Common Council for three consecutive terms. I am committed to representing and being a part of the growth of Roosevelt Island.

Prior to being a member of Common Council, I was an organizer for 1199SEIU for 32 years. I represented over 1,000 cases that aided and supported not only union members but also the guidelines of 1199SEIU codes. In resolving matters and mediating agreements, I would like to continue my work on the Common Council. I am very committed to being a support to the future for not only the youth, seniors, and everyone in between.

Anna White

Anna White
Mother of Aniela, August, and Vic, I have lived in the 540 building since 2004. Before that, I lived in 556 since 1997, a total of almost 20 years on Roosevelt Island. I am happy in general. I possess a BA/MA in economics from Warsaw University. I am a member of the church choir. I would like to promote the use of green energy for our buildings. I would also like to promote increased recycling, and maintaining clean carpets and hallways. Some artwork and plants wouldn’t hurt either. Making the building more aesthetically pleasing would be beneficial to our community. Having residents take an ownership stake in the building would promote people taking greater care. I would also like to involve the young people in taking greater care and being more respectful of the building and its residents.

Also Running
Cynthia Ahn
Carolyn Christianson
Dimaura Cole
Joyce Short

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