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On November 8, all Roosevelt Island residents over age 18, whether a U.S. citizen or not, get to vote on resident leadership for the next two years. Voting takes place at P.S. 217 and (for Octagon residents) at The Octagon, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Barbara Brooks

Barbara Brooks
I would like to join RIRA to become more of a participant in the Roosevelt Island community, including our planning and decisions. I am a retired nurse, mother, and grandmother. I feel I can contribute to making this a more cohesive and friendlier place to live in.





Sheldon Brooks

Sheldon Brooks
I am a retired Engineer/Manager, working in the area of microwave test equipment and automated test procedures.
I would like to bring Southtown closer to the village and evolve from a bedroom community to an active member more involved in Roosevelt Island events and activities.
I moved here six years ago to escape Long Island where, after 50 years, neighbors barely know each other.



Janet L. Falk

Janet Falk
I’ve lived on Roosevelt Island in 425 Main Street since February 2008. I am a public relations professional with an independent practice.
I served on RIRA for the past three years. I am Chair of the Communication committee, which means I manage the RIRAonline.com website, the RIRA Facebook page, and the RIRA Twitter account.
I also manage media relations when reporters contact RIRA or seek the views of the residents, not RIOC.
Informally, I serve as editor for RIRA reports, flyers, and announcements, upon request. I have volunteered at various RIRA events and am often available to pitch in as needed.
I am available to speak with you if you have ideas of what you think RIRA might accomplish. My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Aaron Hamburger

Aaron Hamburger
I’ve been on the RIRA Common Council for the last nine years, and for the last six years, as Chair of RIRA’s Island Services committee (ISC). The ISC supervises the delivery of all services residents receive or need from governmental agencies (chiefly RIOC, MTA, Post Office, NYC Department of Bridges).
Some of the improvement we’ve initiated:
• getting the Post Office to install a mailbox in Southtown (previously the nearest mailbox was a quarter-mile away in Northtown)
• facilitating easy and quick access for strollers and bikes at the RI Tram station
• convincing RIOC to include a clause in their most recent contract with the Garden Club to limit plots to RI residents only (this will increase the plots available to residents by about 15 - 20%)
• getting the Red Bus route extended to Southpoint Park (now temporarily suspended due to Cornell construction)
• at Sportspark, ISC recommended many improvements to facilities and programs. Many of these improvements are included in the current Sportspark capital projects.
I’d like to remain a Southtown representative so we can continue to pursue needed services and resolve residents’ problems with our services.


Mickey Rindler

Mickey Rindler
I look forward to serving again on the RIRA Common Council. I have lived on the Island for 8-and-a-half years. I have served as the chair of the Ethics committee and I also serve on the Island Services, Planning, and Constitution and ByLaws committees. It is a privilege to continue to serve our community and represent Southtown.





Melissa Wade

Melissa Wade
I have lived in New York for over six years and for all of that time I’ve lived on Roosevelt Island. I first joined RIRA in 2013, filling a vacancy in Southtown. I liked it so much I ran again in 2014. I have been involved with the Government Relations, Elections (Co-chair), and Planning committees, and have enjoyed working with fellow Islanders to help improve the quality of life for all Roosevelt Island residents, especially those who often feel under-represented. My areas of focus are transportation (the F Train, Q102 Bus, Red Bus, and ferry service), self-governance for Roosevelt Island, as well as affordability and livability. I would love the opportunity to continue serving in this capacity and I hope Southtown residents will re-elect me!

Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams
I joined the RIRA Common Council in November 2014 when someone simply invited me to join. I really had not thought about it before then, but I have always enjoyed helping others, being involved in community events, and meeting new people. This seemed like a good opportunity for me.
I joined the Social, Cultural, and Educational (SC&E) committee, and then became the chairperson of the Hands-Only CPR sub-committee in January 2015. I have a background in nursing and social work so this also seemed like something I would enjoy doing. Over 390 Roosevelt Islanders received training in 2014. We’ve also had training events at the Tram and subway, the summer movies in 2015, and Roosevelt Island Day. We trained 216 people at Roosevelt Island Day 2016, bringing our total to 1,038 Islanders trained in hands-only CPR. Surpassing 1,000 was so thrilling for us! We are pleased to now offer infant CPR and choking relief. Meeting so many Roosevelt Island residents while teaching hands-only CPR has been a joy for me.
I have also really enjoyed volunteering at the Egg Hunt and Cherry Blossom Festival, events organized by the SC&E committee.
Being a member of the RIRA Common Council has been such a fun way to serve this community and make many new friends.

Also Running:
David Evans

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