Resnick Moves to Urgent Care

Written by Jim Baehler. Posted in Volume 37, Issue 5 - November 5, 2016

Dr. Jack Resnick, long-time Island physician, is moving his office. But patients won’t have to go far. He plans to relocate his practice to 520 Main Street in the new Roosevelt Island Urgent Care center sometime prior to January 1.

Resnick said, with a laugh, “My staff and I got tired of looking at the same disgusting wallpaper for so many years.”

More seriously, he listed some of the significant reasons for the move. “First of all and most importantly, the move allows me to provide better care for my patients. If X-rays or lab tests are needed, they are immediately available. If I need an expert opinion on an X-ray, I can send it out digitally to a specialist and get a quick response. If I need a blood test or a urinalysis done, I can have the results in minutes instead of days.”

Resnick sees pairing with Urgent Care as a natural fit. “I have spoken at length with [Medical Director] Dr. Kornblit and his approach to medicine is the same as mine, The patient comes first. We will be working closely together to make sure that that motto is an everyday reality for the people we treat.

“It will be a pleasure working with Dr. Kornblit and his staff and I love the new facility,” said Resnick. “We will have more space than we have now and my staff and I are looking forward to the change. I am sure my patients will also welcome the move to this new and modern facility.”

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