Editorial: Farewell and Thank You

Written by Briana Warsing. Posted in Volume 37, Issue 7 - December 10, 2016

As of this issue, long-time WIRE editor and publisher Dick Lutz is retiring. On behalf of The WIRE team, we want to thank Dick for all he has done for the Island, and all he has done for us.  

Dick has been a mentor to me. He came into my life at an unexpected time. When I moved back to the Island in 2012, and found a different place than the one I had left 10 years prior, I sat down with Dick at Trellis with a long list of story ideas, mostly focused on raising kids on the Island and its specific benefits and challenges. I wanted to write a column. While I got a thumbs down on the column idea, Dick advised me to pick one story to write. I wrote a review of our playgrounds. Since then, I haven’t missed an issue. (He’s crotchety. He’s kind. He’s reading this now. And he hates it.)

Dick hasn’t loved everything I’ve written, and he hasn’t published everything I’ve written; and he definitely didn’t publish everything I wrote the way I wrote it. Instead, he edited me, gave me feedback, and even a thesaurus one Christmas. He definitely put in the time to get me ready. He leaves big shoes to fill, but thankfully, I am not doing this alone.  Hopefully, among Dana Agmon, Kelly Turner, and me, as well as all of the other wonderful, talented, and hardworking people who do so much for the paper, we can make Dick proud and continue The WIRE’s tradition of solid, community journalism on the Island.


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