Letters: Proportionality

Written by Ellen Norton. Posted in Volume 37, Issue 11 - February 18, 2017

To the Editor:

It is shocking to me how little “press” and “noise” has been made about the lead levels in certain water fixtures at PS 217, in proportion to how much community outrage (rightfully so) has been aired about the marijuana problem on the Island.

Lead is a known poison. The toxic effects of lead exposure on children can be devastating, debilitating, and lifelong. None of the parent responses quoted in your article on February 4 or the PTA’s statement, for that matter, seemed to take this basic science seriously. Instead, words like “rest assured,” “not too concerned,” and “trust” were used for a situation that at a primary, human level is about children’s health and safety.

I remain shocked and deeply disappointed that this community and your newspaper gave such a tepid response to this alarming situation.

Ellen Norton

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