Letters: In-Home DASH Program

Written by Diane Braxton. Posted in Volume 37, Issue 13 - March 25, 2017

To the Editor:

In regards to the article “Unsure Future for the In-Home DASH Program” [March 11, 2017], my mother used the in-home services for more than five years until her death at the age of 99 in 2011. I am saddened that the program is in danger of being phased out.


Dr. Resnick gave her excellent care. Near her passing, I called him on a Saturday afternoon, frantic because I thought something was wrong with her breathing. He arranged an emergency service to pick her up and transport her to the hospital. Prior to that incident, my mother was able to get a visit from a hospice nurse and an eye doctor visit.

The services that are provided are extremely valuable to the homebound and their caregivers, and I hope that the In-Home DASH Program will be extended.

Diane Braxton

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