Letters: Black History Month

Written by Dave Evans. Posted in Volume 37, Issue 13 - March 25, 2017

To the Editor:

March is National Women’s History Month, having been preceded by Black History Month. Last week, one of our legislators honored the achievements of ten Island women, and that is great. Yet, I am reminded of something we missed during the month of February: a tribute to African-American author and former Islander Dr. Alice Childress, now deceased.


Such an omission is shameful to me. And even more shameful is that a plaque dedicated to her has lost its home, a tree near our PS/IS 217. Worse yet, my last sighting of the plaque found it on the ground, slightly elevated by a few rocks in a makeshift manner, basically for no one to see, to be eventually swept away both physically (vandalism, weather, etc.) and in memory.

It is my hope to be able to convey a few words about Dr. Childress to our Island youth next year during the months of February and March. But, for now, I hope the highest authority on the Island and other Islanders will rescue the plaque and find a prominent/suitable location to display it for all to see.

Dave Evans

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