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At Cornell Tech, Sustainable Design

“What you’re seeing here is about nine months away from opening. And when it opens, it’s gonna be great. That’s Andrew Winters, Senior Director of Capital Projects for Cornell Tech, as he led a group through the Island campus last Sunday as part of Open House New York Weekend, a city-wide tour series that showcases new and innovative spaces.

Community and City Work to Ensure Clean Air

In December 2001, the Apellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York confirmed the findings of the environmental consulting firm Allee, King, Rosen & Fleming Inc (AKRF) concerning the air quality on Roosevelt Island. Fifteen years later, many Roosevelt Island residents wonder just what effect those billowing power station smokestacks have on the Island’s air quality.

Construction Plans Set for Water Tunnel

The north end of the Island will soon boast its own active construction site. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will begin construction at their site, located just south of the Octagon, in April. The work is expected to extend through August of 2018. The project includes the installation of piping and tanks as part of a decades-long effort to upgrade the City’s aging water infrastructure.

Cornell Provides Barging Figures

Cornell Provides Barging Figures

Cornell has been listening. In a Cornell Community Task Force meeting last week, the University supplied the trucking and barging specifics that the Roosevelt Island Community Coalition (RICC) has been seeking.

Island Role in Plan on Climate Change

By Evangelina Cifliganec

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s environmental and clean power plan for New York is due in September 2016, and it will affect Roosevelt Island.

More Funds for PS 217 Green Roof

The participatory budgeting votes are in! Despite being a few votes shy of the win, Island school P.S. 217 is getting $500,000 for its planned green roof!

Tidal Energy Still Coming

Tidal Energy Still Coming

If you stand outside Gristedes and look across the East River toward Queens, you may be looking at the future of sustainable energy in the United States. No, not the big steel shed with the outsize flashing chimneys, but the two tiny buoy-like things bobbing in the water near the Roosevelt Island Bridge.

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