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In a brightly optimistic show that opened last weekend, artists from the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association (RIVAA) present a peek into 2014 with a nod to the past. The gallery is located on the street level at 527 Main Street.

If the artists’ message is correct, the future is not only worth looking forward to, but also increasingly abstract.

At Gallery RIVAA, Vernissage XV

Some art exhibits are so rich with wonders that any attempt at an overview must begin with an apology. Vernissage XV, the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association’s fifteenth annual season opening, is one such show.

Gallery RIVAA: Arline Jacoby

Gallery RIVAA: Arline Jacoby

Anyone who spent this past six months in New York can appreciate the serendipity of the moment when Arline Jacoby, one of Roosevelt Island’s pioneering artists, got a call from a friend inviting her to Laguna Woods in Southern California for the winter.

Nine Island Groups Will Share Public Purpose Funds

The Main Street Theatre and Dance Alliance and the PS/IS 217 Parent Teacher Association are poised to become the two biggest recipients of public-purpose money from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation this year – assuming the RooseveltIsland Operating Corporation (RIOC) accepts the recommendations from the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA).

Retrospective: Tad Sudol

Retrospective 1989-2016 is Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association (RIVAA) President Tad Sudol’s current show at Gallery RIVAA.

RIVAA Celebrates Its Past, Looks to Future

Sixteen years ago, after nine Island-related victims perished in the 9/11 attacks, the newly formed Roosevelt Island Visual Arts Association (RIVAA) expressed their emotions using art, in an empty window of the Rivercross building. Several months later, with the support of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), the organization received permission to use the then empty, former Bigelow Pharmacy space at 527 Main Street for a group exhibit.

RIVAA Gets Mural by Peter Gerakaris

The tired, weather-worn buildings that housed longterm patients at Goldwater Memorial Hospital since 1939 are gone. With a bird’s-eye view from the Tram, Roosevelt Islanders see that fresh soil has been dug up on the world-class technology campus that Cornell University will build. Fittingly, to celebrate its official groundbreaking, the university commissioned "Tropicália," an installation by Peter D. Gerakaris, an artist whose reputation is also world-class, if of much shorter duration.

RIVAA Rebounds with Creative Optimism

Midway through the opening reception for Vernissage XIV, Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association’s (RIVAA) season opener in March, 2015, RIVAA President, Tad Sudol, called a packed gathering of art lovers and artists together in a group.

“It’s no secret that we’ve been closed for the last six weeks,” he opened soberly.

But that was last year, and the occasion for Sudol’s remarks evolved to become the nadir from which RIVAA rebounded with vigor.

RIVAA Shows Celebrate Black History

RIVAA Spreads Visual Arts With Two New Efforts

Motorgate and Octagon Get Updates

Moving beyond the bounds of its main gallery, the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association brought new works to both their Motorgate and Octagon Galleries.

Two RIVAA Art Shows Offer an Outsider’s View

The Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association, known as RIVAA, is currently hosting two shows that explore the world through the eyes of an outsider – one looking at the connections and relationships in life and the other at the isolation one can feel.

Winter Treasures on Display at Gallery RIVAA

Group shows at the Roosevelt Island Visual Arts Association’s Main Street Gallery give local art lovers the chance to appreciate the development of its emerging members’ work as well as the ripened fruits of its veterans. Winter Treasures, which opened November 21 and will run through January, is no exception.

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