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Girl Scouts Plant Apples

iDig2Learn, in a partnership with Trees New York, planted five apple trees last Wednesday between the Roosevelt Island Garden Club and the Octagon soccer field, coining it an “urban Apple orchard.”

Kallos Honors Islanders

Roosevelt Island was front and center at City Council Member Ben ­Kallos’ 2016 State of the District event on January 10th. Kallos commended PS/IS 217 and Girl Scout troop leaders Janine Schaefer, and Aiesha Eleusizov, for winning his Council district’s 2015 Participatory Budget Vote.

On Roosevelt Island We...

Is good citizenship a natural outgrowth of the education process for children or is it something that needs to be fostered and encouraged? Those who work with our children on Roosevelt Island refuse to risk that good citizenship will develop by itself, with no outside input. They make a strong effort to consciously develop good citizenship among our school-age children. 

The Community Column: Girl Scout Troop 3001

The mission of the Girl Scouts of the USA is to “build girls of courage, confidence, and character that make the world a better place.” Here on Roosevelt Island, volunteer scout leaders Yitza Martinez, Heather Smith, and I are working with our many civic-minded organizations and individuals to do just that. And on behalf of the girls and parents in Troop 3001, we would like to express our appreciation to the entire community for supporting our troop over the past four years.

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