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Cornell Tech Reports Progress to Advisory Group

In a little over a month, Islanders may be able to view the progress of construction at the Cornell Tech site via a webcam. The camera, providing a 24/7 view of the campus as the build-out continues, was announced at an April 26 meeting of the Cornell & Community Construction Task Force.

At Cornell Tech, Sustainable Design

“What you’re seeing here is about nine months away from opening. And when it opens, it’s gonna be great. That’s Andrew Winters, Senior Director of Capital Projects for Cornell Tech, as he led a group through the Island campus last Sunday as part of Open House New York Weekend, a city-wide tour series that showcases new and innovative spaces.

Campus Apts Will House Medical Staff

At a January 31 Cornell Task Force meeting, Cornell Tech announced that it planned to set aside 66 of the 352 apartments in the Passive House, the campus residential building set to open this summer, for Weill Cornell Medical personnel.

Coding for Change

Coding for Change

Cornell Team Brings Hackathon to PS/IS 217

They came, they saw, they hacked. Well, they encouraged hacking – the good kind.

Cornell Announces Director of Jacobs Institute

[press release:]  Ron Brachman Joins as Director

Brachman brings highly influential academic research and industry experience from Yahoo Labs, Bell Labs, AT&T Labs and DARPA, where he led world-class research teams and drove the creation of innovative technology with exceptional real-world impact.

Cornell Files for CoLocation Building

A real-estate website is reporting that Forest City-Ratner has filed papers to initiate construction of Cornell Tech's 189,000 square-foot CoLo Building -- a co-location structure in which commercial organizations and academic enterprises will co-exist.

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Cornell Provides Barging Figures

Cornell Provides Barging Figures

Cornell has been listening. In a Cornell Community Task Force meeting last week, the University supplied the trucking and barging specifics that the Roosevelt Island Community Coalition (RICC) has been seeking.

Cornell Report Sees Transit Crunch in Southtown Growth

Over the next four years, the morning-rush crunch at the subway will get worse, according to an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) prepared for Cornell University. However, during that period, most new riders will come from the increased population in Southtown – the new Riverwalk buildings – rather than from the opening of the Cornell NYC Tech campus in 2017.

Cornell Startups Get a Boost

According to a Cornell Tech press release, five startups have won funds from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation and the Forest City Ratner Companies, as well as office space in midtown.

Cornell Tech Campus Rising Fast

Cornell Tech Campus Rising Fast

by Sara Metzidakis

Cornell Tech gave representatives of area media their first construction site tour this week.

Cornell Tech Graduates 99

Even before its big move to Roosevelt Island, Cornell Tech is turning out graduates.  Last week, they include 45 MEng in Computer Science, 42 MBAs, and 12 Masters Degrees in Connective Media.

Cornell Tech Looks Ahead

Island safety and educational outreach topped the list of community concerns discussed at last week’s Cornell Tech Town Hall Community Update held in the Manhattan Park Theater Club.

Cornell Watchdog Group Enters Phase Two

In 2012, concerned with the impact Cornell Tech construction would have on the Island, a collection of 37 Island organizations came together to form the Roosevelt Island Community Coalition (RICC), a watchdog group focused on monitoring Cornell Tech’s construction plans, and advocating for Island interests. Ultimately, RICC drew up a list of community demands, many of which were included in Cornell Tech’s contract with NYC.

Cornell's Halloween Hackathon at PS 217

Last Friday 70 Cornell Tech graduate students headed over to PS/IS217 for "Let’s Code RI," a Halloween-inspired Hackathon. Cornell Tech’s student volunteers worked with selected PS/IS217 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students on spooky, Halloween-themed coding projects using the coding language Scratch.

Data Privacy Is News; Now It’s Coming to RI

Cornell Tech

Data Privacy Is News; Now It’s Coming to RI

by Andre Cappon

Apple and the FBI are battling over data encryption for the common man.  It's in the news.  With Cornell Tech coming, it's becoming a home-grown issue.

Editorial: The Cornell Era

While the Cornell NYC Tech campus will not be busy with anything but construction activity for the next two years, Roosevelt Island’s Cornell Era really begins now.  There will be groundbreakings and ribbon-cuttings that City and university people will describe as great beginnings, but, for those of us who have had Roosevelt Island mostly to ourselves, there’s no question that something big and important, futuristic and forward-oriented, is on the doorstep.

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