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Motorgate Sculture

Proposed art installation by RIVAA president Tad Sudol for the Motorgate garage.

RIOC Movies Kicked Off

RIOC's outdoor movie series got started Friday night with a Star Wars episode.  Next up is Labyrinth on Saturday, July 9, with Inside Out to follow on July 22.

Smashin' Pumpkins

Kids smash pumpkins to make compost at November 4 event sponsored by idig2learn, RIOC, and the RI Garden Club.

Photo by Christina Delfico

Summer on the Grass

Lighthouse Park has popped back into the consciousness of Islanders and off-Islanders as well. This couple enjoyed both shade and view on Sunday.

Tram Delays

No F-train service meant lines snaked along both sides of the Tram station Thursday morning

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