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Four Freedoms Reimagined, Retail Progress...

Editorial: Bikes, Helix, and Safety

The RIRA Public Safety Committee’s proposed resolution to ban bike, scooter, and wheelchair access from the helix has garnered a strong response from all corners of the Island.

Editorial: Blackwell Mansion

Is it too much to ask that our next RIOC President be a Roosevelt Island resident? If a bill proposed by Senator Jose Serrano and State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright makes it through the legislative process and is signed into law by the governor, we may yet see the day when our (still unelected) President is an Islander like us.

Editorial: Community Envisioned Anew

Community renewal is the biggest issue facing the Island today. Cornell might be the biggest game-changer, but we have to get our affairs in order as a community so we can best partner with Cornell and be most able to maximize its benefits.

Editorial: Community Spaces - Our Turn To Decide

Whether or not you believe RIOC’s account of when notice was given that Good Shepherd would not open for Sunday services last week, it is clear there was a communication lapse somewhere and the consequences went far beyond general inconvenience.

Editorial: Farewell and Thank You

As of this issue, long-time WIRE editor and publisher Dick Lutz is retiring. On behalf of The WIRE team, we want to thank Dick for all he has done for the Island, and all he has done for us.  

Editorial: Grading Main Street Retail

It has now been more than six years since the 54-page “Main Street Retail Study” was released in October, 2009. So how has the “master plan” worked out so far?

Editorial: Join The WIRE Community

I am a terrible public speaker, so it’s probably a good thing that I had laryngitis for The WIRE recruitment session on Monday. That being said, I do have thoughts to share.

Editorial: Lessons of Indelicato’s Tenure

With Charlene Indelicato’s decision to leave her position as RIOC President,The WIRE had an opportunity to sit down with her and discuss her tenure, what she views as her accomplishments, her regrets, and what challenges she believes lie ahead for the Island.

Editorial: No Collection of Strangers, We

As editor ofThe WIRE, I strive to maintain an organizing principle that runs throughout the reporting, writing, and editing of this newspaper.

The principle is simple:Roosevelt Island will thrive as a community, or it will fail as a collection of strangers.

Editorial: On Turning 40

Turning 40 means it’s not too late to take a community inventory and decide to change course.

Editorial: Our Strong Talent Pool

There are some who believe that the creation of new Island organizations represent an existential threat to long-time institutions. In furtherance of this narrow vision, some among us seem more interested in pitting Islanders against each other than in opening opportunities for more and more of our neighbors to participate in our community and, thereby, become fully vested Islanders.

Editorial: PS/IS 217 - The Heart of Our Community

As you all know by now, there’s a baby boom on the Island, which has led to an increased interest in PS/IS 217 among Island parents. This is good news. From the late 1970s, soon after it opened, PS/IS 217 was always one of the best schools in District 2. Unfortunately, the building of the new facility in the early 1990s seemed to coincide with the school’s downturn.

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