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"RI East" Proposed for LIC With Bridge to the Island

Politico is reporting that a group of developers want to build hard by the Queensboro Bridge, and include a footbridge to Roosevelt Island. Here's a link to the story. They're not planning to call it "Roosevelt Island East," but there's a clear incentive for construction in the coming of Cornell Tech.

For Islanders, a key question might be about what this might do to rush-hour Tramway traffic.

Bridge Malfunction Paralyzes Island

On September 23, the Roosevelt Island Bridge was stuck in the up position, stopping road traffic from 4:51 p.m. until 8:32 p.m. Traffic was backed up all the way to the Tram. Fire trucks waited, unable to respond to a fire in 4 River Road that caused P.S./I.S. 217 to be evacuated.

This bus driver had an 11:00 p.m. flight out of JFK. Numerous residents also had difficulty making their connections.

Campus Apts Will House Medical Staff

At a January 31 Cornell Task Force meeting, Cornell Tech announced that it planned to set aside 66 of the 352 apartments in the Passive House, the campus residential building set to open this summer, for Weill Cornell Medical personnel.

Coming Changes Spur Ferry Need

It’s deceiving – how close Manhattan looks from the Island.  The impression is often forcefully corrected by the trip there.  The F train is always crowded during rush hour – sometimes so crowded that a few trains must go through before you can board.  The Tram, always full during the rush, isn’t much better.  Often, bikes and strollers must wait for the next crossing.

In all this, there is a question:  How bad will it be when three new Southtown buildings come on line, and later, when Cornell’s population arrives?

Stroller Moms Lament: Tramway Elevators Down

RIOC announced on Friday that elevator service has returned to the Manhattan Tram station.  But on Thursday night at a RIOC Board meeting, members of the Roosevelt Island Parents Network (RIPN) lined up to condemn, plead, excoriate, impugn, and generally blame RIOC for the fact that elevator service had been down for an extended period.

Subway Disruptions Continue – All in the Name of Progress

What is up with the #%¿@!&* subway?

Well, it seems Roosevelt Island has been caught, is caught, and will be caught for a while in New York City’s leap into a transportation future envisioned at the beginning of the last century.  That’s right, the first mention of a Second Avenue subway happened back in 1919.

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