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A New Gallery – At Least for Now

Southtown resident Paul Calendrillo has been interested in art his entire life. But it wasn’t until recently that it became his calling.

Artist's Medium: Sweet Shop Window

Autumn Ashley has the kind of personality that makes you forget everything you’ve ever heard about the dour nature of the year’s third season. 

At Calendrillo Gallery, New Artist Explores Zen Art

Philip Smallwood’s interest in arthas been “life-long.” However, the Boston-bred furniture designer did not start his artistic journey until later in his life. Now, combining years of art education with the study of eastern religions and Asian paintings, Smallwood has found a new outlet for his artistic passion in Zen art.

Illusion and Beauty at Paul Calendrillo Gallery

Blake Emory has always been an artist. He has been called one of the innovators of the Optic Modernism art movement, and has exhibited in prestigious galleries, as well as the world-famous Art Basel art fair.

Jazz & World Music Festival Coming

The First Annual Roosevelt Island Jazz and World Music Festival is coming as part of this year’s Fall for Arts celebration. The festival is programmed to reflect the cultural diversity of New York City, particularly on Roosevelt Island.

Jennifer Young Exhibit

Artist Jennifer Young believes in the power of empathy. In her new gallery show Backstory, Young shows women caught in a vulnerable moment in hopes that the viewer will make an emotional connection.

Marlins at RIVAA

Marlins team members point to their photos in Gallery RIVAA’s show, Marlins in Action, showing through August 14.

Motorgate Sculture

Proposed art installation by RIVAA president Tad Sudol for the Motorgate garage.

Musicians Find Community and Freedom in Island Group

In a brightly lit room overlooking the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, 11 musicians warm up their instruments and grouse good-naturedly about their chilly commutes. A flute player says she spent an hour traveling from Riverside. The group hopes their violinist, coming all the way from Long Island, will be able to make it through the snow. Despite the wintry weather, the musicians are excited to get down to business, tackling Tchaikovsky’s Suite No. 4 (“Mozartiana”).

New Show Is an Exuberant Revue of Sondheim’s Work

Anyone who knows and loves musical theatre is likely to be already familiar with Stephen Sondheim’s work. The American composer has been the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize for drama, an Academy Award for best song, eight Grammy awards, and eight Tony awards. But he’s at his best as a lyricist and composer of musicals. He’s also the subject of the musical revue Sondheim On Sondheim.

RIVAA Celebrates Its Past, Looks to Future

Sixteen years ago, after nine Island-related victims perished in the 9/11 attacks, the newly formed Roosevelt Island Visual Arts Association (RIVAA) expressed their emotions using art, in an empty window of the Rivercross building. Several months later, with the support of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), the organization received permission to use the then empty, former Bigelow Pharmacy space at 527 Main Street for a group exhibit.

RIVAA Gets Mural by Peter Gerakaris

The tired, weather-worn buildings that housed longterm patients at Goldwater Memorial Hospital since 1939 are gone. With a bird’s-eye view from the Tram, Roosevelt Islanders see that fresh soil has been dug up on the world-class technology campus that Cornell University will build. Fittingly, to celebrate its official groundbreaking, the university commissioned "Tropicália," an installation by Peter D. Gerakaris, an artist whose reputation is also world-class, if of much shorter duration.

RIVAA Members Explore "Memories"

RIVAA Members Explore Memories

review by David Stone

At a reception on Saturday, September 19, the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association (RIVAA) opened an exhibit of all new work, and introduced Hanne Stevring and Anna Eppel, both recent arrivals in New York, showing their creativity with RIVAA for the first time.

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