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Adventures Off-Island

If your primary interests include “drunk” and “slam dunk,” March is pretty fun for you.

Adventures Off-Island

Spring has sprung! The rain is falling, the wind is blowing, and the scaffolding is blooming. Those of you returning from sunny spring break locales, don’t despair. Those places may have the beautiful weather, but we have the culture. (Right..?)

Adventures Off-Island

Sunshine and daffodils. Clear skies and bike rides. Parks and picnics. Pigeons and picnics. Things in spring go better together.

Adventures Off-Island

Overheard: One 10-year-old to another, “But if you delete your Facebook, how will I invite you to my wedding? And my kids’ birthday parties?” Ladies and gentlemen, the future. Let’s combat it with culture.

Adventures Off-Island - April 23, 2016

The cold may have bothered us anyway (a little Frozen humor never hurt anyone), but it doesn’t bother us anymore! Try to transition into the spring (or the spring-esque season) with a mixture of indoor and outdoor events.

Adventures Off-Island - April 8, 2017

curated by Sara Maher

Spring might not show up in time for Earth Day on April 22, but there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate our world. Help out your fellow humans by going green, donating to a good cause, or promoting art in all of its wonderful forms.

Adventures Off-Island - April 9, 2016

Springtime in NYC: The weather report warning us of a deep freeze while the subways blast full AC. Whether you’re willing to risk the rain/wind/sudden heat spells or prefer to remain in climate-controlled environments, there is an F-accessible event for you!

Adventures Off-Island - August 6, 2016

curated by Sara Maher

At some point you just have to acknowledge the weather is terrible and get on with it anyway. These activities will make you get happy in the humidity, smile through the sweat, and beam while you burn.

Adventures Off-Island - December 10, 2016

curated by Sara Maher

The following is a Public Service Announcement: SantaCon is today. Yes, TODAY. Bake some cookies, make some cocoa, and queue up Netflix, because you ain’t going nowhere. After the Santas have sobered up, get back into the spirit of the season with some festive fun.

Adventures Off-Island - December 12, 2015

Public service announcement: today is SantaCon. If you don’t want to spend your Saturday weaving through large crowds of tipsy hoodlums, avoid popular City destinations after 10:00 a.m. (although, that could apply to any Saturday between Thanksgiving and, oh, mid-February.) Here are a few activities to get you through the New Year without being street-harassed by a slobbering drunk Santa.

Adventures Off-Island - February 13, 2016

Many countries still associate Valentine’s Day with an actual saint, but the United States isn’t one of them. There’s a way to spoil any sweetheart (or yourself) in one of these activities.

Adventures Off-Island - February 18, 2017

curated by Sara Maher

O M G, it is cold, y’all. I am over this. How are we supposed to get through the six additional weeks of misery predicted by our groundhog friend? Why, with games, dancing, music, and coffee, of course!

Adventures Off-Island - February 4, 2017

curated by Sara Maher

I know we still have a few days before that groundhog searches for his shadow, but based on the last few days of warm weather, I’m going to assume he won’t see it. Jump-start your fling with spring by getting out and about.

Adventures Off-Island - January 23, 2016

Well, it seems winter decided to show up after all. In this case, we might say better never than late, but before you head back into hibernation, go out! Have some fun (and stock up on dumplings and hot cocoa.)!

Adventures Off-Island - June 11, 2016

curated by Sara Maher

It’s concert season! Nothing says summer like the opportunity to squeeze into an arena and brush sweaty shoulders with a bunch of drunks… or you can attend one of these amphitheater escapades instead. Organized by increasing distance from Roosevelt Island. All events ongoing through at least Labor Day.

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